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Without music life would be a mistake .....

Our intimate venue creates an enjoyable atmosphere for both performer and audience.








Thursday 15 December

ST PAUL'S WASSAILERS. Free entry. 9pm

Carols with attitude and ale! Think The Pogues meet the church choir, dressed in steampunk gear.




Saturday 17 December

THE MODEL FOLK. Free entry. 9pm

Rumbustious balkan inspired original folk

The Model Folk are a six piece band, hailing from the deepest darkest reaches of North Somerset. We play rumbustious balkan inspired original folk. Entirely acoustic, from the humble washboard and the throb of the double bass via the wheezing of the harmonium and the shriek of the clarinet. With a chorus of voices telling tales of steam, soviet farming machinery, 1930s drag queens, circuses and tea. A ramshackle troupe of musicians, unafraid to fraternise with the audience, whipping them into a frenzy of folk and roll.

The band have played a string of summer festival slots, including Purbeck Valley Folk Festival, Folk on The Quay and Sidmouth Folk Festival where they ended up in a butchers shop.














































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