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Saturday 21 May - FREE ENTRY

Snowapple is a remarkable Dutch band. The three front women come from different backgrounds namely Jazz, Gospel and Opera. In the songs that they describe themselves as fairy-tale
folk/pop/opera/impro, the three exceptional individual voices move into majestic harmonies. The girls accompany themselves on multiple instruments such as guitar, mandoline, keys, flute and percussion.

"Three statuesque women in white-witch-like flowing robes harmonise flawlessly on a selection of songs that draw on classical music, jazz, medieval folk and indie-rock. This kind of description does them little justice, but suffice to say they were brimming with rich, luscious melodies and bizarre but beautiful chord changes. My mouth was left agape." Vic Galloway, BBC Radio 1

"Andrew Sisters meet Kate Bush meet Kurt Weill meet contemporary classical " (Clew)



Thursday 26 May

#PROPER BEER and #PROPER MAGIC - Free entry - 7.30pm

Close-up magic like you have never seen before - straight to your table.































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